• Edwin Aguilar

  • Digital Artist

Creative content

There is so much content on the networks that we seek to attract attention with creative and surreal content, ice creams that fly, hamburgers whose ingredients can be from above, among many other things.

Surrealism was a cultural movement developed in Europe after the first world war, largely influenced by Dadaism and which is widely used in advertising today.

My start in surrealism was a base of trial and error, I combined my light, shadow and texture skills that I learned in photography with the technical, visual and compositional skills in design programs.

During this process I realized various technical points that are important to have impressive creative pieces, here I share them.

1. Lights and shadows

It is one of the most important parts to give that piece of art that real touch, the shadows always go in the same direction that the light travels, and they have to be as real as possible, take care of the number of lights that influence photography and the width, opacity and distance of the shadows.

2. Textures

The textures are almost always hyper-realistic, be very careful with the amount of focus in the design areas.

3. Light temperature in the image

In order not to get into technical aspects and in a few words, the temperature of the light is so warm, cold or neutral is the light in which the environment of your image unfolds. All the elements of your compilation must have the same temperature to achieve the realism we want.

4. Actions

In my art pieces I always try to transmit a specific action in food and products. One of my favorites is levitation, think of an action in the communication of the product.

5. Elements

All elements that influence design must be closely linked to communication, they must have the same texture, focus and temperature as the main actor, remember, all elements that must always be somewhat in the image.

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