• Edwin Aguilar

  • Digital Artist

My two great passions: food and art

Both gastronomy and photography are an art, and should we be proud of such a beautiful country that gave us a huge legacy of flavor, I mean Mexico, I always think thought that photography transports us to places, moments and feelings found deep in our soul and our memories. 

My two biggest passions in life are food and art, I love going to the movies and seeing all that work behind a great movie, going out and seeing those bright and colorful photographs of steaming hamburgers and melted cheese, I decided to combine my two passions and now I consider myself a gastronomic creative, I am a photographer by profession and an entrepreneur at heart, day by day I am making my way in this delicious profection that it reflects flavors, stories, smells and a unique way of transmitting gastronomy from my point of view.

My identity and contrasting photographic style is a peculiar characteristic in each of my photographs, because through these I try to tell the gastronomic richness of the places and the qualities of the products, from my angles I can express stories that result in wonderful pieces.

In some of my photographs you can see native dishes from our beautiful state of Yucatan, surreal photographs, fabulous drinks splashes and especially icons of Yucatecan gastronomy.

After years of hard work, I help the great market of flavors that currently exists in the state and in the country.

“Always I believed that food connects us, gathers us around the table, creates memories and changes our mood, that is why the importance of properly communicating the sensations and stories of the dishes, no matter what photographic equipment you have , the photographs are taken with the mind, the camera is only a means of recording ”.

I want to be proof that in Mexicans there is passion and talent, let us dare to
discover it and celebrate the success of our countrymen, who stand up in the name of Yucatan and Mexico.

Let yourself be captivated by art and enjoy it as much as I have.

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