• Edwin Aguilar

  • Digital Artist

You need creativity

The job of a designer is to imagine things that don’t yet exist, this is a job that requires a lot of imagination based on an idea and the skills to implement it.

Ideas are unpredictable, they appear at any time, they usually appear in the shower, at lunchtime or just before going to sleep, sometimes they take time to appear, that’s why I share 5 tips to develop your creativity:

1. Look for inspiration from previous pieces of yours or music.

When I feel that the ideas escape from me, I am disconnected from the world and I connect to the lyrical and acoustic world, I stimulate my brain and my creativity appears in a short time, sometimes I like to see previous works to immerse myself in the memory of the design process, combining both achievements make the ideas come back to me in the blink of an eye.

2. Connection of ideas.

Narrow down goals and brainstorm, remember the goal in communication. I usually like to sketch ideas in a notebook and get feedback from creative colleagues.

3. Discover your most creative moment.

It takes a little time to get to know at the same time, more if you are just starting out in the creative world. But there is always a time when the mind connects with great ideas and things that happened, two years ago I discovered my creative moment is always in the morning after a cup of coffee or chocolate and at night, just before I go to sleep.

4. Meditate or do sports

Go for a run in the afternoon and an hour of meditation or reading help the mind to better settle the ideas.

5. Perfectionism kills creativity

Remember, everything is perfect but all things started by something, everything that is perfect because it exists. A sketch with a well thought out communication idea will always hit the mark.

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